Digital Marketing Tactics that Elevate Messages to Cut Through the Noise

Kamya Elawadhi

Vice President

Pharma marketers have a significant task of building a campaign that will reach, engage and educate their target audience. However, with digital platforms becoming oversaturated with content, messages from pharmaceutical brands directed at physicians have the possibility of getting lost amongst the plethora of communications being shared throughout the digital ecosystem. For healthcare organizations to enrich their marketing efforts, these key tactics should be followed to increase the success of engaging physicians during marketing campaigns.

Identify the right target audience

A perfectly crafted brand message can fall flat if the appropriate physician isn’t being targeted. Effective marketing content needs to be data-driven to provide pharmaceutical organizations with the guidance to place relevant messages at the appropriate physician. Whether it’s about the benefits pertaining to research on diseases, Rx drug side effects or new treatment methods – implementing a campaign with data supporting the physicians’ interests will elevate the traction of branded content. By aligning with Doceree, the identities of physicians that will engage with pharmaceutical brands is based on profiles cultivated by data segmentation. Doceree’s AI powered solution facilitates hyper-targeting marketing initiatives based on the physician’s specialty, prescribing behaviors, geography and additional data analytics that enrich communication efforts.

Share messages at opportune moments

Across endemic and Point of Care networks, marketers need to capitalize on moments when engagement rates are at the highest with physicians. Whether it’s in a virtual waiting room, prescribing a drug to a patient or reading an online medical journal, moments during a physician’s professional activities are when messages need to pique their interest and align at moments that coincide when they in a mindset to absorb new medical information. Doceree’s ability to provide real-time data analytics enable marketers to deliver messages that have the greatest impact. When moments are identified in the middle of a campaign, Doceree affords pharma marketers with a platform to effortlessly adjust a campaign to optimize the initiative by
taking advantage of those opportune moments.

Personalize messages to increase engagement

Along with timing, context is vital to raise awareness for messages with physicians. Marketers benefit from gaining a better understanding of their targeted physician via data-driven analytics to instruct the types of messages that will strike their attention. With valuable insights, personalized communication can garner more meaningful interactions for pharmaceutical brands. Having a marketing message reflect a physician’s medical behaviors, embolden the context of content shared by pharma marketers by featuring a greater understanding of the physician’s preferences and their interests within their medical specialty.

Deliver content on the appropriate digital platform

By conducting marketing efforts with physicians during their professional journey, marketers are able to share messages with them that will resonate on the platform they are using. By utilizing an identity resolution technology like Doceree’s ESPYIAN, pharma marketers are equipped with the insights of whether a video or text-based message raises interactions with the physician being pursued. The digital footprint of a marketer’s target audience details platforms that can stipulate the digital mediums that should be an emphasis for a campaign and resources that can be shifted to maximize the ROI for a brand.

Pharma marketers that turn to these tactics will be able to cut through the noise on digital platforms and garner greater engagement rates with their target audience. While physicians are in a professional mindset, marketers need to make sure their messages hit the mark and are delivered at the right moments to elevate the traction of their marketing campaigns.

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