Pharmaceutical marketers have to work under a stringent regulatory framework, especially for promoting products and services to Physicians.

Many a times regulations are misunderstood and misinterpreted by organizations and marketers, making them averse to any kind of innovation in communication and marketing. While at the other times, marketers unknowingly trespass regulations and they are then taken to task, killing the scope of any further innovation.

This is even more relevant today when there are so many avenues for ethical promotion of brands in a new connected digital world.

Our upcoming 2nd webinar - Digital Marketing & Regulatory: Can They Co-exist in a Regulated Pharma Market - aims at ethical promotion of Pharmaceutical brands to Physicians in a digital framework and addresses issues that marketers are struggling with.

It will bring forth for discussion 3 different perspectives - perspective of law, perspective of an organization and its regulations organization, and perspective of a marketer to drive clarity on the much-debated subject.

Industry experts from the fields of Marketing, Regulatory and Legal will come together to brainstorm the challenges pharmaceuticals brands face in digital promotion and suggest ways to market to Physician within the boundary of regulatory framework.

Sukanya Choudhury

VP - Regulatory

Miliind Harrdas

CEO - Fourth Dimension
Consultancy Services

Prithvi Rohan Kapur

Advocate & Counsel

Experts’ Take