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Despite digital transformation in healthcare,
HCPs still do not have access to real-time information from life sciences brands.

Point of Care Advertising

Actionable, relevant and
trusted information is missing
from their Point-of-Care (POC)
workflow that can empower them
to deliver improved care.

Digital HCPs Engagement

Life sciences organizations are
the primary source for
providing latest medical
information to HCPs.

Relevant Information Ensures Better treatment outcomes

A unique digital platform that helps HCPs across
the planet receive hyper-relevant medical information from life
sciences organizations

Our POC Network | How Our Partners Benefit From It​

Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Telehealth platforms
ePrescribing (eRx), Secure Messaging
EHR Apps

Enhanced HCP-
Patient Interaction

Consulting patients with
precise information forges a
strong relationship.

Improved Patient

HCPs assisting patients with
benefit programs results in
therapy continuation.

Increased Drug

Reduced cost of therapy
paves way for medicine

In addition, POC platforms earn revenue for every message displayed.

How We Engage HCPs

Allows HCPs to gain access to cost-saving programs and incentives that they can pass on to their patients.

  1. Copay Cards
  2. Discount Coupons
  3. Patient Assistance Programs

Delivers precise messaging to HCPs specific to a drug, molecule or a therapy at moments of care delivery i.e. either at the time of a diagnosis, recommending a procedure or writing a script.

  1. New Drug Launch​
  2. Indication Expansion
  3. Clinical Trial Results
  4. Formulary Availability
  5. Drug Pricing

Delivers unbranded messages to HCPs to make them aware of a disease condition and helps them dispense educational material to patients.

  1. Participation in Clinical Trials
  2. Recommendations on Latest Treatment Protocols
  3. Access to Patient Education Material
  4. Continuing Medical Education
  5. Invitations to Webinars and Other Events

Real-time Messaging Ensures Better treatment outcomes

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