What Is a Demand Side Platform?

Demand Side Paltform

When we talk about the Demand Side Platform, we must understand that it comes under Programmatic advertising. Regardless of the sector, this kind of advertising refers to online ads’ automated buying and selling and is usually done by businesses to consolidate their overall efforts into one platform. 

In the healthcare sphere, it allows brands to hyper-target their messaging and reach the consumer and healthcare professionals (HCPs) who will identify with it. 

What is Demand Side Platform?

Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a gateway to purchasing advertising space in an automated manner. Simply put, it can be best understood as an advertiser’s gatekeeper who matches inventories with the buyer’s marketing objectives. They make bidding decisions on behalf of a buyer after evaluating parameters like the publisher’s profile, ad placement, the floor price of available impressions, etc.)

DSP, a part of programmatic advertising, is a powerful marketing automation tool that allows mobile advertisers to buy high-quality traffic at scale with minimal friction. 

What are the top benefits of DSP?

Effective workflow

The topmost benefit of DSP is a more efficient and effortless workflow for ad buyers. So, the workflow is simpler than wrangling 20 different salespeople and the accompanying excel documents, PDFs, and contracts. Just hit a few buttons, and you are good to go. 

Fast Feedback

Once the campaigns are live, the performance indicators are available quickly. So, within just a few hours, we can see impression delivery, conversions, sales, leads, and a variety of data to look at. For example, we see where the ads run, where they have the most clicks, where they turned into a sale, and so much more.

Operating system for advertising

As a whole, these platforms are the operating system for paid media. They are the conduit to consumers, data, ad inventory, support tools, campaign reporting, and insights. Great deployment of such a platform for an advertiser means an overall more effective way to reach consumers with a substantial more focus on campaign optimization and data-driven analysis.

Business Gets Smarter Faster

In an aggregate campaign, data is a big deal for advertisers because demand-side platforms are the conduit to real-time feedback from customers. While focus groups are still important and necessary to brands, they can only go so far. Notably, the paid media campaign powered through the DSP informs the advertiser about the ground-level element that get the consumer to take action.

Before healthcare programmatic advertising existed, brands had minimal insight into their campaigns. However, thanks to Demand-Side Platforms, healthcare brands can now see actionable campaign data, such as placement, performance etc., in real-time.

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