Doceree at Cannes Lions Festival

Doceree at cannes lions-2024

Doceree at Cannes Lions International Festival: Celebrating Innovation and Creative Excellence

The global advertising, marketing, and communications industry’s most prestigious and influential event and awards show, the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, will bring together the bold and innovative to celebrate creative excellence in the south of France from June 17 to 21, 2024. The Doceree leadership team is excited to attend the iconic event and celebrate groundbreaking work in the advertising, marketing, and communications industry.

Revolutionizing Creative Effectiveness: AI Takes Center Stage at Cannes Lions Festival

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large language models will be major topics of discussion at the Cannes Lions Festival this year. Several sessions will explore AI’s impact on creativity, productivity, and marketing. AI tools can reduce repetitive tasks that drain imaginative juices and improve creative effectiveness and workflows. Using AI to identify patterns and trends can enhance idea generation. Marketers can use AI to research and optimize content, improve performance, and add personalization to outreach efforts. AI can identify audience segments, improve targeting, and optimize campaign performance when creating campaigns. Doceree is committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and setting global trends in the communications industry, and the team will bring our latest AI innovations to an exclusive discussion with MM+M at the event.

Doceree elevates healthcare marketing with AI

AI-driven marketing can amplify conversion rates through precise targeting, delivery of personalized messaging, and educating healthcare providers (HCPs) on the latest treatments. Doceree’s core belief is that healthcare marketing technology can improve patient outcomes. That’s why we pioneered technology to deliver real-time, patient-centric, AI-triggered point of care messaging to HCPs. Triggers enable HIPAA-compliant mapping of patient data and enable programmatic delivery of messages within electronic health records, telehealth platforms, and eRx software. This technology can improve patient outcomes by providing HCPs with relevant information at critical moments of care. AI-triggered messaging can identify potential clinical trial participants, which improves recruitment efforts and the overall drug development processes. It also empowers pharmaceutical brands with improved access to data. Using AI-driven chatbots, life sciences marketers can swiftly analyze vast data sets and optimize campaigns.

The future is INNOVATION

AI is poised to transform marketing with highly personalized, data-driven campaigns. Automation will improve workflow and remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks from the to-do list, freeing up more time for creativity, strategy, and innovation. Chatbots and virtual assistance will make it easier to find answers in campaign data. The future of life sciences marketing depends on innovative approaches and responsible use of new technologies. Doceree’s committed to becoming an AI-first organization, and our team is excited to join the conversations about this seismic shift at Cannes Lions 2024.

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