Factors of Programmatic Buying In Healthcare Marketing

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Marketing in the healthcare sphere is an enormous circle. There are several types of marketing strategies that can be implemented in healthcare marketing, but it is essential to go for the right one for the right purpose.

Online marketing is competitive, and it is very important to perform in order to stand out. Before this marketing came into existence, the only way marketers could take advantage of online advertising was to work directly with publishers. In simple terms, earlier, it was doable, but not now. Nowadays, companies need to go channel by channel if they are planning to run a campaign. 

What is programmatic buying?

It is a type of healthcare digital marketing that basically uses automated technology to buy and place advertisements. In recent years, it has witnessed much popularity due to its advantageous factor in targeting specific audiences and providing real-time insights into the performance of the campaign. 

Furthermore, by using specific automated software and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, the concerned stakeholders can see exactly where the advertisements appear, who’s seeing them, and how beneficial they are in real-time. 

What are some of the factors of programmatic buying in healthcare marketing? 

Measuring performance 

Another beneficial factor of programmatic buying is that it is able to offer real-time insights into campaign performance. This needs to be measured to ensure that the campaigns are effective. Important metrics include CTR (Click Through Rate), Conversion Rate and ROI (Return On Investment), and optimization must be done based on these metrics. 


A healthcare marketing company needs to ensure that ads are placed on relevant, most importantly, reputable websites. It is essential to keep in mind that websites that contain offensive, inaccurate or inappropriate content must be avoided.

Target Audience

Programmatic buying also allows marketers to target particular audiences based on demographic and behavioural data. When you are spending money on this type of marketing, it is essential to know that the target audience must be relevant to the service/product being advertised. 

Engaging content

In the healthcare marketing sphere, the content should be engaging and relevant. Advertisers should also ensure that the creatives used in programmatic buying campaigns comply with the FDA regulations and represent the service/product advertised.  


Earlier, when this technology was not there, marketers operated in a messy way. However, this type of marketing offers a better view of the campaigns and lets them keep an eye on each and every aspect. 


All in all, if you are a healthcare organization and haven’t invested in programmatic buying, you need to think again. It is important to understand that it is an impactful tool for a healthcare marketing company. Earlier, organizations relied heavily on traditional methods of marketing, and there is no doubt that they still have a place in the marketing mix. 

However, nowadays, they expect more from their online experience as they want more access and flexibility.