Physician Marketing
is now Performance Marketing​

Precision target Physicians on the first global network of Physician-only
platforms for programmatic marketing

Physician Marketing is now Performance Marketing​

Precision target Physicians on the first global network of Physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing

  Now Available in the US & India

There is no efficient, measurable & trusted
way to advertise to Physicians online

Reaching platforms directly
Reaching through consumer advertising networks
private marketplaces
Reaching platforms directly
Reaching thru consumer advertising networks
Reaching private marketplaces

If you are in the media buying or brand team of any of the below categories, you can now
performance target advertising on physician-only platforms including Physician Networking, Online Medical Journals,
Point of Care systems (EHR, eRX, Telehealth, Secure Communication) through programmatic media from a single interface.

Advertising Exchange Platform for HCP Marketing
Media Agencies
Pharmaceutical Brands
Medical Devices
Consumer Healthcare Brands


Powered by identity-resolution proprietary technology ESPYIAN TM

What makes us different?

Targeting*Upload your own audience or create custom
target lists using our extensive list of physician
attributes and behaviors
Physician Level Reporting*Physician lead data (PLD) that can be injected
directly into your CRM for a holistic view of the
marketing campaign.
Real-time Performance DashboardLive performance metrics for optimization
of both messaging and investments in a self-service or
managed-service environment
Trigger Based Messaging*Create campaigns that target physicians based on
real-time behavior at the point of care
Account Based Messaging*Target physicians that are part of accounts and
institutions that matter most to your brand
Largest Professional Network(Endemic and Point of Care) - Access the first
global network of Physician-only platforms

* For in select markets.

Our Global Partners

Why do they trust us

Regulatory compliant
messaging in a privacy-safe
Self-service platform to
manage multiple campaigns
for multiple brands through
the same interface
150+ behavior and attitude
data points to understand
Physicians better
Partnerships with industry
leaders for identity
resolution and performance

What do they say about us

Our match rates and click through rates look so much better now, with the doceree Publisher partner network.

Real-time optimization is something that we use for consumers, never thought it can be made for Physician marketing too.

It is so easy that our brand teams would be able to do it themselves, and really control what’s going on.

Self-Serve real time bidding is something that we use across consumer programmatic media platforms, being able to bring it to our Clients’ HCP campaigns is wonderful

Is this something that we can license and bring inside, it can transform how we work with our customers.

This will be a game changer for Pharmaceutical marketing because it can support the portfolio, not just the commercial franchises

We have been looking for a way to deliver this across our ecosystem.

Beautiful interface; let’s move forward getting a couple members of our team certified as administrators


Reduce the cost of Healthcare by bringing effectiveness and efficiencies in Healthcare Professional marketing

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Founder & CEO

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