Like a spark triggers a chain reaction, Spark, powered by Doceree, kickstarts
a sequence of positive events within the healthcare ecosystem.

Ready to Spark a revolution in HCP engagement?

Our advanced patented technology sparks clinically triggered
communications in real-time and within the EHR’s existing workflows

How it benefits our partners

Elevated HCP Engagement

Availability of hyper-relevant real-time information spurs HCP engagements.

Enhanced HCP Patient Interaction

Consulting patients with precise information helps forges a strong connect.

Improved Patient Retention

Assisting patients with benefit programs results in therapy continuation.

Increased Drug Adherence

Reduced cost of therapy paves way for medicine adherence.

Ease of integration

Enables partners to integrate their platform conveniently with easily navigable API documentations.

In addition, POC platforms earn revenue for every message displayed.

How many ways can Spark ignite?

There are five unique ways to spark provider-patient communication through
relevant, real-time, clinically triggered messages.

Ensure patients can afford medications while saving prescribers' time. Co-pay Spark provides information about assistance programs when prescriptions are written.

  1. Copay Cards
  2. Discount Coupons
  3. Patient Assistance Programs

Alert healthcare providers when patients are eligible for clinical trials. Trial Spark improves clinical trial recruitment and eases burdens on both providers and patients.

  1. New Drug Launch​
  2. Indication Expansion
  3. Clinical Trial Results
  4. Formulary Availability
  5. Drug Pricing

Help healthcare providers find the right treatment for their patients without increasing workload. Clinical Spark sends precise patient-centric messages during critical moments of care.

  1. Participation in Clinical Trials
  2. Recommendations on Latest Treatment Protocols
  3. Access to Patient Education Material
  4. Continuing Medical Education
  5. Invitations to Webinars and Other Events

Empower providers to drive engagement with reps. Rep Spark allows HCPs to schedule calls with life science reps within clinical workflow.

  1. Saves providers time with streamlined rep engagement
  2. Empowers providers to decide when and how to schedule rep visits
  3. Gives actionable insight and visibility into engagements with reps

Simplify sample requests to create patient-centric experiences. Sample Spark creates a seamless process for prescribers, reducing administrative burdens.

  1. Gives providers timely, direct access to samples
  2. Reduces administrative burden around sample requests
  3. Empowers providers to request samples specific to a patient’s needs

Real-time Messaging Ensures Better treatment outcomes

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