There is no healthcare-specific ad server that addresses the unique
needs of publishers and life sciences organizations.

Medical Platform Opportunities

Existing digital solutions don’t provide much value-adds or optimum revenue opportunities to medical platforms.

Pharma HCP Marketing

No efficient, measurable and trusted way for life sciences marketers to advertise to HCPs online.​

Doceree Providers

A unique digital platform that helps HCPs across
the planet receive hyper-relevant medical information from life
sciences organizations

How Our Partners Benefit From It

Identify HCPs/Specialities and
Their Workflows

Proprietary identity resolution tool, ESPYIANTM,
​ identifies HCPs in the US and specialties
across UK & India for precision​  targeting. It
also identifies their workflows in real ​time for
trigger-based messaging in the US.

Market HCP/Speciality-level

Provide HCP-level data in US or speciality-
level data in UK & India to life sciences
organizations to whom you can sell directly,
and demand higher pricing.

HCP-specific Ad

Empower brands to provide regulatory-
compliant, one-to-one or specaility-targeted
messages - display, trigger-based & financial -
depending on market.

Optimize Inventory
& Campaigns

Manage inventory and all your campaigns
from a single easy-to-use, integrated
platform that provides comprehensive reports.

Our Feature Set


Header Bidding & Tag-based Setup

Advanced programmatic to simple Javascript setup


Multi-Screen Ad-Size Banners

Support major IAB standard ad sizes across desktop and mobile


Setup Specialization- based Pricing

Differential pricing based on HCP's specialization


Advanced Campaign Targeting

Identifies HCPs/Specializations for precision targeting


Display, Financial & Trigger-based Messaging

Regular and workflow-based real-time messaging, depending on market


Viewable Ad Calls

Serve ads only when the slot is visible through lazy loading


Easy Passback Setup

Simple to use waterfall setup for inventory optimization


Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Detailed and insights-led analytics and reporting


Contextual Targeting

Enable keywords-based targeting

Doceree Ad Manager – How it works?​

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