Doceree Emboldens Healthcare Publishers with Premium Programmatic Offerings

Doceree Emboldens Healthcare Publishers with Premium Programmatic Offerings


The analysis of businesses involved in programmatic media by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), led to a report that ad tech companies receive 55% of the revenue from ad budgets. Meanwhile, publishers earned only the remaining 45% portion of the funds. Partners with automated solutions can be a valuable resource for publishers to optimize advertising offerings. But should tech companies warrant more than half of the budget? Simply put’ no. That mindset within the automated marketing sector needs to be revisited to more appropriately align the publisher and tech platform relationship that reflects a model that positions both sides to experience the power of partnerships.

So, at Doceree, we built an automatic healthcare digital marketing platform that disrupts the status quo within the industry, and we share 68% of the ad revenue with our publisher partners, since healthcare peer-reviewed content is premium content.

Since we flipped the financial allocation model to share a greater revenue percentage with publishers as part of our advertising technology value chain, here are some additional advantages we provide our publisher partners that are integrated with our physician-only platform.

  • Secured data and privacy-safe environment

  • Advanced data targeting

  • High quality ad server

  • Assist publishers to be ready for the cookie-less era

  • Publishers can empower advertisers to connect with physicians

  • Provide insights on physicians to drive engagement

  • Monetize inventory globally

  • Integrate all channels on one platform

  • Publisher dashboard

Our platform supports healthcare publishers beyond revamping the financial allocation model. As the automated ecosystem evolves for the pharmaceutical and healthcare category, we continue to innovate new technologies to expand the revenue opportunities for our publisher partners.

To learn about how Doceree is supporting publishers, feel free to contact me at .

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