Doceree Progresses Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace 

Doceree Progresses Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace 

Bindu Khosla
People and Culture Mentor

We have the privilege of operating as a global company that has offices spanning across the globe, encompassing people that have diverse backgrounds and come from varied cultures. Our workplace symbolizes acceptance and inclusion of the assorted upbringings and experiences that have shaped the lives of our people, and which bring exponential value throughout our organization. 

We firmly believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) must be practiced throughout the year in the workplace by embracing each individual. A 2017 research published by Forbes suggests that 87% of the times , we end up making a better decision with the inclusion of teams. This goes to prove that organizations would always benefit from an inclusive workplace environment. 

As Pride Month concluded in June, businesses must not pause company initiatives and marketing campaigns supporting the LGBTQIA+ community until June 2023 comes around. Whether it’s Pride Month or Juneteenth, the importance of appreciating a community shouldn’t be limited to a single day or month. While recognition during holidays and awareness months contributes significantly to support the people connected to the occasion, the inclusion of all individuals must be practiced throughout the year.  

We are proud to further our DEI commitment, to reflect our growing organization, and to support all the members of our talented team. As a company, we will broaden and strengthen our work to be a champion for individuals such as those with a generational diversity, a different race or culture or gender, a disability, or those who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. We will continue to enrich our company practices to cultivate a warm and welcoming workplace for one and all, as we expand our business across international markets. 

Irrespective of a person’s ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status, we are fostering an atmosphere that instills equality for all people within the company and empowers employees to utilize the traits that distinguish them, to further build an inclusive culture at Doceree. The diverse backgrounds of our colleagues continue to advance the collective wisdom that we gain to enrich our lives, inside and outside of the office. We encourage our team to have discussions and raise awareness about DEI in the workplace to nurture inclusive behaviors throughout the industry. 

To nurture support and uphold inclusion in the workplace, our employees have reflected on DEI in society and shared their pledge for DEI at Doceree. In addition, we are committed to holding DEI events throughout the year which will also involve DEI sensitization and training to further cultivate our DEI education, conduct and practices in the office.  

As part of our DEI vision, we will sustain a one-team culture that represents various backgrounds from around the world. The sense of belonging that we instill amongst our team will provide an impetus to further drive an equal opportunity culture for all. 

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