Five Things that Endemic Publishers in Healthcare can gain with Doceree

Five Things that Endemic Publishers in Healthcare can gain with Doceree


By their very nature, endemic advertising yields high ROI. It’s only to be expected as endemic advertising is about placing ads that are natural to the market. Endemic advertising serves communication contextually to highly engaged audiences which encourages quick conversions thus making the most of each impression. Some of the benefits of endemic advertising include personalization of content, niche specialization and of course, increased conversion rates.

Let us look at a few stats to understand their effectiveness and importance –

  • Endemic/native advertising was the fastest-growing advertising segment, with 35 percent growth between 2017 and 2018 –eMarketer
  • Endemic/native advertising increases purchase intent by 18 percent –Forbes

And the most encouraging of them all says…

  • In 2020, endemic/native advertising will be more programmatic and mobile –eMarketer

About Doceree

Doceree is the world’s first self-serve advertising exchange for branded advertising/endemic marketing to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). Powered by Espyian, a patent-pending HCP targeting engine that identifies and precision targets over 1 million* physicians across the United States for non-personal promotion and personalized experience.
The Doceree platform with its AI engine comprehensively ticks all the right boxes for endemic publishers looking to maximize ad revenue and sell off inventory.

Here are 5 things that endemic publishers can gain with Doceree.

    1. Access to leading healthcare and pharmaceutical brands – The Doceree platform is a host to some of the leading brands in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. You will be exposing your inventory to some of the highest bidders in the industry who are looking to pursue an endemic marketing approach and advertise their products to a relevant and engaged audience.

    2. Premium pricing for advertising inventory through programmatic – Spends on programmatic endemic advertising are growing as marketers come to terms with what a programmatic platform can do. Programmatic ads reach the right consumer at the right time and add potential customers based on their online behaviors.

      Doceree’s AI platform enables endemic advertising(placement of ads which appear natural and native to the market). Its AI engine identifies the right opportunity to effectively exploit the context presented to choose the best opportunity to place the ad and bids for it. So, as an endemic publisher, you can sell your inventory faster. As a result, more of your remnant inventory will be considered and sold at premium rates.

    3. Monetization of data – The benefits of monetizing data with the help of the Doceree platform are two-fold:

      • Increased inventory value – You know well that better targeting translates to more engagement. So, when you use data to uncover insights and segment your audience accordingly, your inventory becomes more valuable to advertisers. Advertisers will be willing to pay more as they know that their ads are reaching a highly targeted audience.

      • Optimization of cost per thousand impressions (CPM)– You can expect the CPM to increase with the type/format of ads and their performance on the site. With the help of data, you can determine which ad format has performed better, e.g. if the video ads worked better than image ads or a particular content type engaged more audience. Accordingly, you can optimize your inventory to increase impressions which results in higher CPM and bring in more ad revenue.

    4. Access analytics to understand user behavior and engagement – Slice and dice data to get in-depth information on the performance of each of your assets and understand how they are being utilized. You can use the insights to improve your performance and increase your ad revenue.

    5. Multiple platforms, multiple assets managed from a single interface – Be it your apps & website or different formats of assets (display, video, email), the Doceree platform allows you to add and manage all of them via a single interface. You can add multiple types of ad formats – gif banners or videos on websites and apps – to a single account and streamline your online presence across platforms. Publishers must be ready to leverage the growing demand and increasing spends on endemic advertising and Doceree is helping them sell off inventory and maximize ad revenue with its AI-driven programmatic ad-tech platform. Connect with us to know more.

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