Healthcare Publishers Maximize Their Point of Care Inventory With AI Analytics

Healthcare Publishers Maximize Their Point of Care Inventory With AI Analytics


The implementation of an AI-powered solution empowers healthcare publishers to elevate their inventory on Point of Care platforms. By analyzing and interpreting analytics via AI technologies, publishers can employ programmatic measures that will maximize the value of their inventory. Therefore, technology partners with AI proficiencies for programmatic efforts guide healthcare publishers towards strategies that are supported by statistics that will positively impact the company’s bottom line. With an analytical approach, healthcare publishers can enrich communications and deliver more value for marketers with meaningful interactions with physicians on Point of Care networks.

Data-based insights to target audiences

For publishers to elevate the significance of their inventory, precision targeting capabilities via AI-powered technology provides a dynamic resource to better monetize their offerings. With the ability to understand the behaviors and preferences of their audiences, healthcare publishers are equipped with the insights to guide their methods to determine the ad slots that garner premium prices and elevates a brand’s messages to their sought-after audience. Further, the data on the preferred ad formats of physicians, nurses and additional medical professionals, enable healthcare publishers to sell their inventory at a higher cost with the metrics to support a superior ROI that brands receive by distributing messages via the digital channels that increase business outcomes.

More effective communication results on Point of Care channels

To raise inventory bids, it’s essential to gain a deeper understanding on a physician’s communication preferences for the type of messages and formats that are more powerful to utilize during marketing efforts. With access to the analytics to examine Point of Care channels, an AI identity-resolution technology such as Doceree’s ESPYIAN offers publishers the ability to comprehend the type of content that will increase traction with their targeted audience. Exposure to sought-after physicians and medical professionals that are documented via ESPYIAN elevate the monetization opportunities for healthcare publications to boost inventory rates for marketers to communicate with this niche healthcare audience.

Enrich programmatic offerings with the real-time performance metrics of ad slots

With access to the real-time metrics of ad slots with Doceree, healthcare publishers are able to optimize the performance of their advertising offerings. Further, the media entity has the aptitude to actively monitor the success of campaigns, and a partnership with an AI technology company enables publishers to decipher the performance of active marketing campaigns. If the user behavior shifts, then publishers gain the knowledge to adjust their inventory accordingly to minimize the period of missed income opportunities. With access to real-time data, healthcare publishers are afforded the chance to maximize the value of ad slots with the latest statistics to introduce their platform to some of the highest bidders in the category.

Access to an AI-powered platform rewards publishers with the power to maximize the value of their inventory. Without the usage of AI, these healthcare media companies stand to miss out on revenue generating openings that may be overlooked without an AI solution that monitors and analyzes the selling behaviors on the platform. With advanced technologies working to identify audience behaviors, inventory rates are heightened to have the investment in analytical tools garner impressive business results for healthcare publishers.

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