The Role of Personalized Communication in HCP Marketing Tactics

The Role of Personalized Communication in HCP Marketing Tactics

Personalised Communication -HCP Marketing Tactic


The rules which govern the engagement of pharmaceutical companies with HCPs are changing beyond recognition, forcing companies to adapt and change their HCP marketing tactics too. The good news is that new technologies are stepping to help pharma companies. Using technology, marketers can reach time-starved HCPs with personalized content across channels. Marketing to HCPs today is driven by data which is helping the pharmaceutical companies to personalize their communication to HCPs and show relevant ads.

Companies can now serve coherent messages using highly targeted and personalized communication, chosen for their relevance and effectiveness.

As per research relevant to HCP marketingHCP marketing taken from surveys and reports published by Accenture, SAP-Oxford Economics, IQVIA, Research2Guidance and the Decision Resources group, we see that:

  • 68% of doctors prefer online modes of communication.

  • 80% of HCPs prefer smartphones, while 75% use physician-only networks, 57% use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • 85% use eMRs to enter clinical notes, 57% Read medical journals online, 38% participate in online detailing sessions by a pharma company, 33% attend a podcast.

  • 93% of physicians believe that mobile health apps are highly useful.

  • 79% of patients prefer to visit a physician who manages their interactions both online and via mobiles; decreasing the need for a personal visit to the physician.

Personalizing the communication:

Technology has made personalization possible through monitoring and analyzing the engagement of HCPs with ad content online, using their open and click-through rates and also by precisely understanding their
willingness to interact with specific content. HCPs engagement within their professional digital groups also helps to provide some insights about their interests. Marketers should use the available digital footprints to create personalized interactions with HCPs.

Benefits of personalized communication:

    1. HCPs can set their own time and pace:

    Smart pharma advertising is all about tailoring one’s message to fit a specific HCP’s preferred channel and effortlessly gaining attention using relevant content and contextual messaging. As technology helps to reveal a HCPs choice of topics and their content needs, targeting the HCP across digital platforms and forums is the new personalized marketing strategy. What’s more, digital solutions are cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing methods and offer ROI along with a better reach.

    2. Interact with HCPs in their chosen format:

    Pharma companies necessarily have an enormous amount of information about the treatments they offer and the diseases they target. Knowing your HCP’s interests by topic as well their preferred choice of format for content consumption would help you adopt the right digital format to grab their attention. You will know clearly what format to present your content in; whether it is a gif or video or richly designed long-form content. Pharma companies today are also creating special microsites to present precise and personalized content to suit the interests of their target group of HCPs. Once the HCP connects to the site, marketers can offer them even more relevant content. Marketers can also use personalized HCP campaigns to increase an HCP’s engagement with their brand by using innovative platforms to reach them with personalized messages.

    3. Use Digital Sequential Messaging:

    Marketers today swear by digital sequential messaging for its effectiveness in targeting high- quality
    leads. Any HCP who engages with a site and its contents (by the time spent on it or an actual purchase) would be marked as a high-quality lead. Such HCPs are served every new ad that the company releases after that – on every single Internet-enabled device that each of the HCPs uses. Threads increase the awareness of the HCP for the new offering, the benefits it offers, its pricing and any other relevant information to smoothly move the HCP along the sales funnel to conversion.

    4. Achieve better campaign results:

    Pharma marketers are enjoying the power of personalized content marketing using campaigns around their content to increase HCPs’ engagement with their brand. Offers, events or conferences get targeted to people who, they already know from the data on their browsing behaviour, would self- select to hop on board in response to their call-to-action. Create personalized emails or meeting requests based on engagement analytics and impress the HCP with your responsive personalized marketing to clinch a sale and create brand loyalty.

HCP marketing tactics are not about selling products anymore. HCPs themselves are aware of their own need for educational content with high-value information aimed at improving their skills. Marketers need to realize that HCPs are turning increasingly to digital sources when seeking clinical information for their needs. They’re also open to targeted, cost-effective digital promotions instead of visits by a sales representative. Marketers need to refine their sales strategies and pay attention to the clinical setting to offer an overall treatment solution aimed at improving the treatment’s outcome and help the HCPs themselves succeed. Doceree comes with the power of EspyianTM, A.I. engine, linking Advertisers & Publishers to HCPs. It works by integrating with the live database of validated HCP’s. This helps in identifying the HCP and creating a unique profile of HCP by understanding the demographics, attitudes and behaviours from over 1000 data points from our owned and shared privacy-safe databases. EspyianTM can provide you with the power to deliver sequential content to take your HCP down the conversion funnel, quicker than you had anticipated.

Our AI algorithm and live HCP Profiles ensure that no HCP is ever missed or ever repeated (more than required) when you run an advertising campaign with Doceree.

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