Doceree Appoints Michael Fishweicher, Senior VP, Point of Care and Business Development, North America

The addition of the healthcare technology veteran bolsters the company’s EHR, eRx and telehealth communication offerings

PARSIPPANY, NJ – October 28, 2021Doceree Inc the first global network of HCP-only platforms for programmatic messaging, announced today the appointment of Michael Fishweicher as the company’s senior VP, point of care and business development, North America. As the head of Doceree’s point of care division, Fishweicher will further foster and expand partnerships in the life sciences market.

With a well-versed background in the healthcare technology sector that spans nearly two decades, Fishweicher brings his expertise to Doceree to facilitate influential partnerships in the point-of-care ecosystem. Before joining Doceree, he was VP of business development at EMR Consultants, where he oversaw day-to-day business development operations, assisted in the creation of sales forecasting models, and advised organizations to achieve the company’s business objectives

“As our point-of-care ventures grow, Michael is a tremendous addition to our senior leadership to expand our partnerships in the category,” said Stephen Hoelper, president, North America, Doceree. “With our commitment to develop efficient and effective healthcare professional communication solutions for health information technology platforms, he will bolster our industry collaborations across electronic health record (EHR), e-prescribing (eRx) and telehealth networks.”

Earlier in his career, he cultivated his healthcare technology and sales acumen in the life sciences sector by building an extensive experience in sales management, new sales process development and deployment and account management, as VP of sales and business development at ELLKAY and VP of sales at Microwize Technology. Fishweicher joins Doceree with a proven track record of establishing partnerships with multi-million-dollar electronic medical record (EMR) companies and vendors.

“With my experience in the EHR and EMR space, I’ve witnessed the value health information technology platforms gain when facilitating messages that resonate with HCPs during their clinical decision-making moments,” says Fishweicher. “I was blown away by Doceree’s platform offerings as to deliver personalized and educational messages to HCPs. It’s an amazing time to join Doceree as the it advances digital communications across point-of-care networks.”

The addition of Fishweicher follows the introduction of Doceree PerformTM, a measurement solution that brings transparency to messaging campaigns metrics for life sciences organizations to correlate business outcomes from the data analytics of communications to HCP

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Doceree is the first global network of HCP-only platforms for programmatic messaging. Doceree facilitates messaging between life sciences brands and healthcare professionals through an extensive global network of digital endemic and point-of-care platforms to programmatically deliver at scale accurate and transparent messages to HCPs. To learn more, visit

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The Advantages of Hyper-Targeting to Raise Business Outcomes with Doceree Perform

A challenge life sciences organization face during digital communications to healthcare professionals (HCPs) is identifying when prescribers are receptive to messages, and in what channel. So, brands are tasked with implementing an approach to deliver content that resonates with medical professionals that will lead to the company’s desired business outcomes. For the healthcare professional communications category, Doceree Perform advances the measurement capabilities of life sciences brands to understand the messages that resonate most with HCPs and the platform that deliver the greatest impact when received by prescribers.

Analyze and comprehend the messages that lead to achieving business objectives

Life sciences organizations need to not only convey personalized content to HCPs but deliver the messages on the right point-of-care channel during their workflow. While prescribers are in the medical mindset and open to receive informative content, the monitoring capabilities of Doceree Perform empowers marketers with the metrics to identify the effectiveness of messages and the optimal channel to distribute content to prescribers on. In addition, Doceree Perform examines the data analytics of a campaign to establish connections between messaging endeavors to optimize communication strategies. With the utilization of this technology, brands are provided the ability to refine initiatives to enhance the results of the messaging program to ensure the company’s goals are being achieved.

Enrich communications during the HCP’s workflow

With the actionable insights obtained for life sciences organizations to employ via Doceree Perform, campaigns can be crafted to identify HCPs during their digital journey and serve precise messages that increases their knowledge within their medical specialty. Also, the elevation of tailored communication programs on point-of-care networks provides marketers will the intel to cultivate data-driven strategies to reach HCPs that will garner a maximum impact. Thus, virtual interactions are vital for life sciences organizations to enrich the prescriber’s experience. As Doceree Perform supports marketers with hyper-targeted information on audiences, then messaging initiatives can be deployed at decision making moments that will elevate communications pertaining to drugs prescribed by the HCP.

Utilize campaign measurement tools to boost script lift

Digital initiatives across point-of-care channels need to be compared to accomplish greater business outcomes. However, most organizations haven’t implemented a solution that deciphers program results across multiple networks on a single platform. Therefore, Doceree Perform opens data transparency in the market to compare the effectiveness of messages deployed during digital communication programs. By utilizing advanced technologies to not only identify the right audience but have the data analytics accessible, marketers can improve communication tactics and strengthen script lift figures. For the life sciences category, those brands can access near real-time metrics via the interactive dashboard on the Doceree platform to refine exchanges throughout the duration of the campaign to assure optimal business outcomes.

A hyper-targeting approach to deliver messages to HCPs on point-of-care platforms will elevate a brand’s marketing results. With Doceree Performs advanced measurement capabilities, life sciences organizations can raise script lift, while hyper-targeting HCPs with information messages that supports their treatment of patients to improve their health outcomes.

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