Think of doing business without digital! Almost seems impossible today. COVID-19 has blown a crippling blow to the traditional method of face-to-face marketing. Across sectors, marketing teams are shifting to the digital medium to drive better business outcomes.

For the Pharmaceutical sector, the need for digital is all the more pronounced when the crucial workforce of sales representatives is stuck indoors and doctors are not too keen meeting them in-person. Despite the dire need, the entire sector is struggling to gain digital foothold.

Till date, adoption of digital among Pharmaceutical brands remain abysmally low. With Doceree’s knowledge series – Breaking the Digital Barrier, we are addressing bottlenecks towards digital revolution of Pharmaceuticals.

The upcoming webinar in the knowledge series - From Detail Aid to Digital Aid: Creating Effective Digital Content for Pharma Brands – will focus on the importance of developing engaging and creative communication for Physicians. Of all, this is the first crucial step for Pharmaceutical brands to move up the digital ladder.

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