Making Optichannel Marketing Real (In Real Time)


We know from neuroscience that the state of mind is critical to the receiver of a message. For example, if someone is in a state of fear (or shock), they are not likely to remember information that is shared with them in that moment. For example, fans of Breaking Bad may remember that Walter White glazed over and became fixated on a mustard stain on his Oncologist’s lab coat instead of being able to hear and process the prognosis, path forward and treatment options that his doctor was explaining to him.

Why is this significant for healthcare digital marketers?

If your brand wants to connect with Physicians, it makes sense that you should attempt to reach them when their mind is on medicine and within in the context of care. Why?

You spend a significant number of resources to research and understand your customers and their unmet needs that your product will fulfill. You craft a message that is clear and precise, and benefits based (or maybe brand-based if you are raising awareness). We know from historical global launch data that the first six months of market trajectory for new launch products will establish the ultimate success potential for your brand. The peak sales figure that you will reach is related to the market’s reaction to your launch story.

Additionally, the emerging science covering professional rejuvenation strategies indicates that downtime from our work-life is critically important to us in that it supports our ability to continually operate at a peak-state while we are on the job.

For brand marketers who wish to engage Physicians when it makes most sense, do it when their minds are turned-on to their work, wherever that may be. The timing and context that your message will land best for Physicians is while she/he:

  • Is pursuing professional development by reading professional journals or online articles that relate to their specialty

  • Gaining accredited hours towards their allotment of professional Continuing Education units

  • Engaging with their peers in a professional networking platform

  • Administering care to a patient

Physicians have repeatedly acknowledged that sponsored messages enable them to stay up the curve on contemporary diagnostic methods and new treatment alternatives. As you plan your campaign, some questions to ask yourself are:

  • When are you engaging doctors?

  • Where are you engaging them?

  • How are you engaging them?

If you want to serve your brand and the Physician communities in the best possible manner, consider reaching them when their mind is open to the information that you want them to see and interact with. That’s one. The second most critical aspect is to contextualize your message or information as per the platform you are engaging them on to provide Physicians a personalized experience. This is an important determinant to the overall success and impact of your communications strategy.

As my colleague and our Vice President of Customer Success expresses it simplistically:

Omnichannel + Contextual = Optichannel

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