Our DEI Vision

To create and sustain a ONE TEAM culture globally.

Our DEI Mission

To provide equal opportunity to people from diverse social, cultural, physical and psychological backgrounds,
and foster an inclusive culture by inculcating a sense of belonging within our ONE team through appropriate
behaviours, policies and systems, while also being fair to one and all.

Doceree has taken formal strides with a 5C model, to ensure, encourage and exhibit our commitment to DEI,
and move towards our DEI vision.

Our Key Initiatives

Digital HCP Engagement

Engaging with external DEI experts/champions to understanding what all DEI compliance entails, and best practices around DEI. Thereafter baselining ourselves, and planning our DEI journey.

HCP Segmentation - Doceree

Developing appropriate systems and policies to align ourselves to our DEI vision, structurally as well as behaviourally. Eg. Tie up with recruitment partners who are committed to Diversity.

Conducting Training Session - Doceree

Conducting training session around DEI, to build awareness. Making DEI training an integral part of our onboarding process. Coaching team members to recognize and overcome unconscious biases that creep into our day to day behaviours.

Online Medical Platform

Signing of a pledge by the entire Doceree family to formalize our commitment towards DEI . Consciously endeavouring to list out and exhibit inclusive behaviours within our teams.

Consolidation - Doceree

Forming discussion forums to share our experiences and learnings around DEI. Creating a helpline for team members to call-out in case they observe a DEI non-compliant action/behaviour.

Our 4E’s Pledge

Healthcare Aggregator - Doceree

We pledge to embark on the path to improving our understanding of DEI so that we can be better colleagues, and friends to each other.

Pharma Advertising - Doceree

We pledge to extend our support and learnings to those around us who have not yet embarked on the DEI journey so that we can help them get started.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

We pledge to elevate people around us so that we can create an environment of holistic inclusion.

Continuing Medical Education

We pledge to execute on what we learn through our discovery, and exploration so that we can be champions for DEI in our society.

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