Integrated Platform Emboldens Healthcare Publishers to Monetize Global Inventory

Integrated Platform Emboldens Healthcare Publishers to Monetize Global Inventory


Endemic healthcare publishers have been missing out on monetization chances by operating as a standalone entity. With a network-led approach, publishers can increase access to global visitors and boost revenue generating opportunities. A partnership with an integrated platform presents an equal opportunity for publishers of all sizes to increase profits. By providing partners with a comprehensive integrated platform for marketing efforts, sell-side companies are equipped to provide a greater global value on their inventory with a platform that will raise the ROI of digital campaigns.

Maximize the value of digital inventory during a physician’s journey

Healthcare and pharmaceutical brands are some of the highest bidders in the market, so publishers need to align with an integrated platform that enhances the value of their inventory by providing greater access to their target audience. As the focus in the healthcare and pharma industry shifts towards digital initiatives, the insights garnered via integrated platforms throughout a physician’s journey advances the learnings on which messages resonate with this niche audience. By providing marketers with a clearer understanding of a physician’s behaviors on digital platforms, publishers can raise the price of the inventory by placing messages at opportune moments for marketers. Doceree’s platform enriches publishers’ offerings with hyper-targeting capabilities to grow engagement rates for their partners by connecting them with audiences in the format and context that drives communications.

Optichannel capabilities to optimize campaign offerings

Whether it’s banners or videos appearing on digital platforms- publishers must ensure partners have a stable digital footprint that staves off channel fragmentation. With an optichannel approach, healthcare publishers can embolden marketers with the capabilities to reach a physician on an online medical journal, EHR, telehealth platform or another digital channel, while still positioning messages appropriately on the intended online destination. This capacity places publishers as a higher commodity with the power to synchronize messages effectively across the digital ecosystem.

With Doceree, publishers can employ communications via an endemic network to raise the demand in the market to sell off their inventory that will more effectively reach their target audience. With access to insights from a powerful integrated platform, publishers gain the trust from marketers to purchase inventory with the confidence that their marketing messages will reach their audience at the right touchpoint and on the most impactful digital channel.

Enhance inventory placements with AI-powered identity-resolution technology

By investing in a programmatic solution that is powered by AI identity resolution technology, publishers can extend premium prices with the assurance that inventory is positioned in the relevant context that will be of interest to their target audience. In this capacity, endemic publishers can more quickly sell their primary inventory with additional portions of their inventory being sold at an exceptional rate. Further, the support of data sets gained from AI offers a high-quality inventory that elevates the floor for the inventory to ensure it is sold in the market at a competitive price.

Publishers have comprehensive knowledge of their audience, but the alignment with an integrated platform enhances their capabilities to maximize their revenue stream. By advancing marketing offerings via integrated platforms, publishers can better monetize their channel by expanding their audience reach and foster data analytics that will optimize digital marketing campaigns for their global partners.

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