A leading brand, that treats diffused large B-cell lymphoma, had already invested in programmatic display campaigns. But it wanted conclusive proof about their campaign's effectiveness in terms of any growth in prescriptions by healthcare professionals (HCPs) on account of those display campaigns.


To demonstrate the effects of digital display campaign on prescription growth

“The campaign helped address our concern about measurable outcomes using programmatic in a manner like never before.”


The brand turned to Doceree to gain new insights into how their media investments are returning prescriptions by HCPs.

Doceree activated a Script Lift study for the brand on their Doceree PerformTM platform, an industry-first script lift measurement solution.

By inputting details of the concluded display campaign (downloadable from any DSP, including any campaigns run on Doceree as well) into Doceree PerformTM, the team at Doceree initiated a comprehensive script lift study to measure how the HCP’s prescribing behavior changed once they were exposed to the brand’s display campaign.


TRx -> 25% increase after display campaign
NRx -> 15% increase after display campaign
NBRx -> 10% increase after display campaign
Prescribers -> 12% more than pre-campaign


The exhaustive report presented the brand with a comprehensive dashboard that monitored Total Prescriptions (TRx), New Prescriptions (NRx), New-to-Brand Prescriptions (NBRx), and even Number of Prescribers who prescribed their brand in that period.

A measurement solution like Doceree PerformTM can provide unprecedented validity to otherwise vanity metrics like impressions/clicks etc. by showing actual growth in prescriptions for the brand.

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