From AI to omnichannel: The top takeaways from the 2024 BioPharma eMarketing Summit

BioPharma eMarketing Summit

With three dedicated tracks covering digital strategies for reaching healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients and building better customer experiences with AI, the 2024 BioPharma eMarketing Summit brought more than 200 life science marketers together in Philadelphia. The summit offered valuable insights and strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including a session featuring Doceree.

In case you missed out on the event this year, here are our key takeaways from BioPharma:

Leveraging new technology can improve the delivery of care

  • Across all the event’s panels, healthcare marketers discussed how the existing silos on the brand side coupled with the fragmentation of care delivery systems are delaying diagnosis and creating hurdles for patients in need of new treatments. Life science marketers must embrace emerging technologies to improve outcomes across diverse patient populations.

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality can help streamline care workflows, accelerate time to diagnosis, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Panelists focused on automating digital journeys, using generative AI to drive personalized messaging, and connecting marketing and IT teams when implementing these technologies.

Achieving omnichannel excellence requires understanding HCPs

  • Go-to-market strategies must evolve along with these new technologies to create successful campaigns that resonate with patients and healthcare providers (HCPs).

    From advanced social media strategies, leveraging influencers, and perfecting the customer experience, panelists gave actional advice for life science marketers. In the panel “Delivering Seamless HCP Omnichannel Experiences through Personalization” experts from leading pharmaceutical manufacturers joined Doceree to share expert advice on optimizing omnichannel strategies. The panel included Venera Jordan, AstraZeneca Director of Omnichannel and Digital Global Commercial Excellence, Michel Quintas, Biogen Director of Global Customer Engagement Lead, Jim DeLash, GSK Omnichannel Marketing Director, and Doceree’s Chief Marketing Officer Marcella Milliet Sciorra.

    The discussion focused on the keys to fully understanding the needs of HCPs when developing a strategy. The one-size-fits-all approach to channel and messaging selection does not work for this important audience segment, and life science marketers need to differentiate their brands to build lasting relationships. By creating a consistent message across all touchpoints, pharmaceutical brands can deliver relevant personalized messaging across marketing channels.

Reaching your target audience when they’re in the right mindset

  • In his solo presentation on Questions to Ponder, DeLash reminded attendees of the 95/5 rule of marketing. “95% of the time, the people you are targeting are not in a state of mind to hear your message,” DeLash said.

    Doceree’s premier solution delivers messages to the 5% of HCPs who are looking for a solution during critical moments of care using the point of care messaging channel. By reaching HCPs at the precise moments of diagnosis, prescription, and dispense, Doceree reaches HCPs in real time and at scale across 150+ platforms.

The digital health revolution is here, and it is impacting life science marketers.
Contact us to enhance your digital engagement strategies to reach HCPs.

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