Harness the Power of Programmatic POC Messaging to Engage HCPs at Scale with Doceree


Precision and personalization are paramount to creating campaigns that engage healthcare professionals (HCPs). When building sophisticated campaigns that reach HCPs with important treatment information marketers require a level of personalization and specificity only available through programmatic buys. Doceree’s Point of Care (POC) programmatic messaging solution offers a suite of features that improve the efficiency, control, and scale of campaigns.

How does Doceree’s programmatic platform work?

Doceree seamlessly connect pharmaceutical manufacturer messages with the right healthcare provider across 150+ point of care platforms using HIPAA-compliant identifiers. Information on diagnosis codes, national prescriber IDs, and test orders promptly allows healthcare marketers to perfect their audience targeting. Advanced algorithms within our platform optimize POC campaigns based on the metrics important to the life science marketer: clinical indicators and symptoms, HCP specialty, prescribing behavior, and patient demographics.

Precision targeting at scale

At Doceree, we pride ourselves on delivering precision targeting and personalized messaging across POC platforms at scale. With access to the largest POC identity graph comprised of authenticated HCPs, we eliminate the guesswork and deliver messages with pinpoint accuracy during critical moments of care – from diagnosis to prescription to dispensing. Our approach ensures that every message resonates with the right HCP, at the right time, and in the right context.

Real-time AI-triggered messages in POC

Physicians spend on average 55% of their days in POC platforms looking at patient information. When you include Doceree’s programmatic POC messaging solution in your marketing mix you’re reaching HCPs while they’re thinking about how to achieve the best health outcomes and the best care plan for each individual patient.

Through patented technology, Doceree delivers real-time AI-triggered messages within POC platforms using NPI-level data and HIPAA-compliant, de-identified patient data. In fact, our trigger-based POC messaging is proven to drive 32% more script lift than other POC tactics.

Seamless POC campaign management

Because we aggregate inventory from 150+ POC platforms, we are in a unique position to provide a platform-agnostic full picture of your target audience and their prescribing patterns. By connecting the fragmented workflows across different POC platforms, you can streamline campaign planning, management, and measurement to drive clear results.

Embrace innovation and take the next step with Doceree

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can streamline care workflows, drive brand success, and improve care delivery across the healthcare sector. AI and ML incorporated into our POC programmatic messaging solution allow marketers to combine data sources, improve targeting, and personalize messages at scale. Ultimately improving business and patient outcomes.

Click to learn how Doceree’s patented technology is improving performance with patient-led data and AI-triggered messages within POC platforms programmatically at scale.

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