Programmatic Partners Elevate the Global Reach for Small-and Medium-Sized Healthcare Publishers

Healthcare Publishers


The walled gardens of large publishers often leave small-and medium sized publishers at a disadvantage to monetize their operations. However, smaller statured organizations on the sell-side can utilize programmatic marketing platforms to gain the benefits of data analytics to more effectively manage the content experience and monetize their inventory on a global scale. In the healthcare sector, publishers can gain insights on generating premium inventory by aligning with a digital partner that raises the value of their inventory by connecting their portfolio via a global network of advertisers and media agencies.

Monetize premium inventory on a global scale

Healthcare publishers are challenged to achieve consistent revenue flows when opposing large players on the supply-side. By partnering with an integrated platform, less renowned publishers are empowered with a greater reach of audiences with the solutions to introduce their inventory across global markets to advertisers and media agencies in the space. Further, the format of content and type of messages can be optimized to scale worldwide and increase impressions to garner a premium price and sell inventory faster. While portions of communities around the world may not have been accessible with an undersized sales team, a digital network of endemic publishers expand the opportunity to reach a wider network that will increase bidding and raise inventory rates.

Maximize global rates with first-class identification solutions

By collaborating with an integrated platform that connects publishers with global audiences, the smaller-sized companies on the supply-side are no longer at a disadvantage in the market. Marketing budgets for pharma and healthcare companies represent some of the most significant bids during campaigns. Within this very niche category, brands are willing to pay a premium to connect with their target audience. Therefore, access to Doceree’s AI-powered identification solution, ESPYIANTM, equips publishers to better contend against their larger competitors with the ability to implement data segmentation and analytics to identify behaviors and engagement preferences. With those insights, publishers are able to raise their inventory rates by providing their advertising and media partners will a more effective channel to reach and connect with their target audience.

Manage inventory across digital platforms on a single interface

Publishers need to maximize their reach across all digital properties to audiences worldwide to compete with more established publishers. With a programmatic marketing solution, such as Doceree powering a publishers’ inventory, sell-siders have access to a platform that enables them to integrate multiple websites and messaging slots on a single interface to effectively manage their inventory. In addition, Doceree’s dashboard provides real-time data analytics for publishers to monitor and control the performance of their messaging formats to maximize the ROI of campaigns. Therefore, the dashboard educates publishers on the behavior of physicians to instill their team with insights that will drive higher inventory rates for future partners.

With the advancements programmatic platforms can garner for small-and-medium sized publishers, the technologies can reduce the lead of larger operators in the space. By putting forth investments towards a digital platform that supports endemic networks, publishers can have their budget garner a greater reach worldwide that will positively impact their bottom line.


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