Ways Point of Care Networks Can Increase Revenue

Point of Care Networks


Once the COVID-19 pandemic barred in-person interactions for pharmaceutical marketers – Point of Care networks became the star as marketers were quick to adopt a more prevalent approach to advance digital marketing efforts.

As pharma marketers were required to become more reliant on digital structures to connect with physicians, publishers need to continue the digital momentum and capitalize on the valuable opportunities Point of Care networks create to reach physicians. As the marketing landscape evolves, Point of Care networks such as EHR, eRx, telehealth and secure messaging platforms, have become effective digital channels, giving them also the opportunity to increase their revenue. But how?

Monetize precision targeting

Personalized content is king for publishers to empower partners to more effectively engage physicians. When marketers share messages with physicians via Point of Care platforms, the use of personalized content garners the greatest impact. Whether it’s a communication to raise awareness about a disease or a new indication, targeting a physician via Point of Care platforms will expose your inventory to some of the highest bidders in the category. As publishers introduce solutions for pharma marketers to share messages with physicians about a diagnosis, prevention method or treatment option, what ensues is a digital medium that raises the value of their inventory to engage a sought-after target audience.

Raise awareness with physicians to drive inventory sales

The patient experience is the top priority for physicians. In order to inform physicians about the latest materials, healthcare brands benefit from aligning with Point of Care publishers that have the capabilities to present messages that resonate with physicians while treating a patient. In those platforms, physicians are in learning mode towards the patient’s needs and provide ideal moments for pharma marketers to share messages at premium rates. In addition, it’s a significant asset for publishers to employ a solution like Doceree’s Point of Care platform to deliver messages to physicians that aren’t a distraction for them and capture the opportune moments for pharmaceutical brands to connect with physicians. Further, Doceree’s AI engine – Espyian – identifies favorable times to communicate with physicians, so publishers can sell inventory faster and at premium rates.

Compliant and non-coercive messages to reach physicians

Regulations are synonymous with the healthcare industry and are strictly enforced with physician communications. Point of Care publishers have to abide by those industry requirements to share messages that reach physicians that are both helpful and informative. Marketers should never integrate a platform into their campaign that will disrupt the physician’s experience – an area Point of Care publishers understands when physicians are receptive to pharma marketing messages. So, it’s critical for messages to be presented to physicians in a non-coercive manner, while still ensuring the message is acknowledged. Doceree equips publishers with a programmatic platform that is industry compliant to ensure physician communications adhere to the latest regulations to optimize engagement about the latest details about disease awareness, treatments, products and more.

Increase Point of Care network sales with more efficient campaigns

In 2020, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry spent more than $9.5 billion on digital advertising Therefore, the adoption of more digital marketing efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic has led publishers to enrich pharma marketing campaigns with more efficient methods to engage physicians. Instead of in-person meetings between physicians and pharma representatives, Point of Care messaging platforms present an opportunity for publishers to replace these in-person interactions with programmatic solutions that can be managed under a single interface. The embrace of digital methods empowers publishers to align with programmatic partners like Doceree to raise efficiency when offering inventory to target physicians with messages in a more cost-effective manner that will drive sales across Point of Care networks.

To learn more about Doceree’s Point of Care platform and all of our product offerings, contact Kamya Elawadhi at Kamya.Elawadhi@doceree.com .

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