Benefits of Using a Point of Care Network to Engage Physicians


Last week, Doceree launched the first programmatic platform in Point of Care messaging to bolster efficiency and effectiveness in Physician marketing. When executed properly, Point of Care messages empower pharma brands to increase engagement with Physicians.

With Doceree’s Point of Care platform, messages are placed within our network that is native to the healthcare market, which garners greater results for pharma marketers.

A trusted target audience of Physicians to reach

Physicians have to login to have access to Point of Care networks, which verifies their identity for pharma marketers to target with a message. When working with non-endemic platforms, marketers are faced with bots being on the receiving end of messages, which can have a negative impact on RoI for the campaign. However, with Doceree’s platform, pharma brands have confirmation that their messages are reaching their target while they are tending to patients.

Context and relevance are vital for messages to raise awareness

Point of Care networks cultivate an opportunity for a seamless marketing solution that doesn’t take a Physician’s attention away from focusing on a patient. The opportune time to deliver hyper personalized messages are while the Physician is communicating with the patient. It ensures targeted information is made available to the Physician while documenting, diagnosing, and prescribing for the patient. With Doceree, the messages are placed within the context of the platform to not disrupt physicians from the task at hand and without forcing messages where unwarranted.

Physicians are attentive during patient interactions

Whether it is an interaction during EHR workflow, e-Prescribing, Telehealth or responding to a patient via a secure messaging platform, Physicians are most attentive towards beneficial options for a patient while in the office. During these various points of communication, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are focused on the screen to inform and guide patients. The content delivers insights to spread disease awareness or specifics about a new product, during opportune moments when a Physician’s level of alertness towards medical content is at its highest. Marketers that deliver relevant information to Physicians during these moments raise their likelihood to engage with the Physician about their treatment or disease.

Doceree is evolving with more efficient and effective ways to connect with Physicians across the Point of Care landscape. To learn more about Doceree’s Point of Care platform and all of our product offerings, contact Kamya Elawadhi at .

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