HIMSS 2024: Everything You Missed from the Conference Floor


The annual HIMSS Global Health Conference brings together nearly 40,000 healthcare professionals, cutting-edge health technology creators, and visionary healthcare trailblazers. This year, I attended the massive conference for the first time along with my Doceree teammates. I’ve attended many ad tech conferences and other healthcare events, but I was truly taken aback by the size of HIMSS 2024.

Everyone at the event focused on the future of healthcare and how technology can improve patient outcomes.

Three top trends from HIMSS 2024:
1. Artificial Intelligence:

Every conversation at HIMSS 2024 seemed to involve AI. Healthcare companies want to use AI to help solve problems, streamline processes, and even discover new drugs. From the back office to the laboratory, every element of care will be impacted by AI in the coming years.

2. Cybersecurity:

The February hack of Change Healthcare which impacted prescription fills and insurance claim submissions for healthcare providers nationwide, brought cybersecurity into the spotlight at HIMSS 2024. The recent disruption attributed to the BlackCat ransomware group is still under investigation. Attendees discussed the need for a proactive and comprehensive strategy to protect patient data. The attack also showed the healthcare ecosystem the importance of creating contingency plans for when the unexpected happens.

3. Automating Care:

Creating technology and devices that automate data collection and retrieval was another big trend at HIMSS this year. The hospitals of the future will be powered by technology that enhances patient comfort, tracks the location of tools, senses environmental conditions for patient safety, and monitors everything from glucose levels to lung infections. Using sensors and voice commands to create access to data will remove patient care hurdles and fast track disease detection.

Unveiling Our Latest Innovation: Spark at HIMSS 2024

This year Doceree launched our revolutionary technology, Spark, at the event. Spark is engineered to empower providers to enhance the quality of care and ultimately elevate patient outcomes by leveraging advanced patented technology, clinical data, and AI triggers in real time .

Our mission to enhance healthcare engagement fit the theme of HIMSS 2024 perfectly, and the Doceree team had important conversations about the value of Spark at our booth while attendees enjoyed our Oxygen Bar. In those discussions, I saw people resonate with how the product can increase access to co-pay assistance programs and improve clinical trial recruitment.

We’ll see you at HIMSS 2025!

HIMSS is an absolute must-attend event for anyone in healthcare technology, and we’re already planning for next year’s conference. If you’re going to attend HIMSS 2025, make sure you plan ahead! This is not the kind of conference where you can roam around and see everything and everyone.

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