5 Reason Why Marketing to Physicians Is Not a Challenge Anymore

Physicians marketing


Marketing is all about creativity. It is about how one can align their products and services with that of the target market. It is about acknowledging the need and planting that desire for sales to happen. Since healthcare marketing is quite different from the usual, conventional, consumer marketing, it had been a little difficult initially to navigate the entire sales process in this arena.

Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies always found one way or another to squeeze in some time into the schedule of healthcare experts. It sure has been difficult to grab the attention of doctors this way because even after meeting them, their routine does not allow for a proper conversation or a response that the pharmaceutical companies expect. So, here question arise how to market to physicians?

However, today, marketing to doctors is not that great a challenge anymore. Digital Marketing offers new methods and ideas that are continuously evolving for advertising to doctors, and fortunately, they seem to be working well enough. Here are five reasons why:

Online Content

Using online platforms like Doceree’s to showcase products and services via good content is a great way to turn some heads. Adopting the digital way basically allows pharma and medical companies to engage doctors in their free time. This way, medical and health professionals can give proper attention to what they are reading and take actions accordingly. Digital marketing to doctors is a great way to share some good educational content – it can include information on how the products or drugs work, why they can be helpful, and the kind of results that can be expected from them.

Email marketing

Accurately targeting Physicians is what happens on Doceree’s platform, and since it works on a global scale just for doctors, the traction is equally good. Email marketing has turned out to be one of the most preferred modes of communication for doctors and healthcare professionals. In fact, they prefer it more to receiving mails directly, or being visited by sales representatives from pharmaceutical companies.

This is because it is quite difficult for them to take out time from their busy schedules. Further, emails today also happen to be the best way to inform medical professionals about new products, medical technology, and matters related to the healthcare and pharma industry.

Information and Education

HCPs cannot be convinced with bare minimum information or data regarding a drug or a product. For persuading a medical professional that a particular product is worth their time and attention, extensive information needs to be given and all of it can be done via a single interface that that of Doceree’s. Often, several stakeholders are involved when it comes to making the final purchase decision. Therefore, providing a clear picture of how a drug will work, how it will help an individual, the clinical data associated with it – all these factors will play a crucial role in the convincing part of the strategy. HCPs also appreciate proper and detailed information, and hence, they like medical educational programs with respect to drugs and devices.

Programmatic marketing

Digital marketing and advertising today are mainly driven via big data, insights into customers’ behaviour on online platforms, and analytics. Doceree offers a combination of programmatic marketing platforms such as DSP, SSP, etc. so that all the requirements of the involved parties are looked after under one umbrella. Proper programmatic marketing, emailing or advertising can help streamline the target audiences for Physician digital marketing automatically and control the display ad purchases. This method traces the research trends of customers online to present ads to them as per their requirements keeping the opportune timing in mind.

Mobile marketing strategies

Doctors and healthcare professionals are on their toes all day – either they have to take care of appointments or scrub in on surgeries or just take some time off to rest. Amidst all this, it is difficult to spend time in one place. Therefore, it is not easy to make a doctor sit and listen to a pitch. This is where mobile marketing strategies come in – advertisements and messages go wherever the HCPs go. Having websites that are responsive on phones are essential. This is where programmatic email marketing comes in as well – not very time consuming, but enough to grab one’s attention.


One critical reason as to why pharma companies have been reluctant to go digital is because of non-transparency of doctor reach and results. Thanks to Doceree’s AI-enabled dashboard, marketing to Physicians is ensured, that too with real time updates on media campaigns. It offers full transparency apart from also increasing the efficiency for better, optimal marketing – that is, reaching out to prospective HCPs and also getting immediate results that can be tracked and tallied. This clears the path for implementation of future campaigns.

The markets today are very competitive and the pandemic has only made it more difficult for pharma companies to engage in the traditional forms of engagement and sales. Digital marketing is the fastest growing solution today, and the pharma industry is slowly making the switch – which will definitely bring in benefits in the future.

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