AI is Closing the Efficiency Gap in Physician Marketing


Now that pharmaceutical brands have adopted digital marketing initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers in the sector need to continue to evolve and utilize AI solutions as part of their digital efforts to enhance the performance of campaigns. Currently in the early stages of incorporating AI powered analytics into marketing initiatives, pharma marketers should be investing in AI technologies to better understand the messages, formats and platforms that garner greater engagement with physicians.

Massive amount of data to fuel effective marketing campaigns

The transition to digital marketing just placed a significant amount of data on the plates of marketers. By gaining an understanding of how the data sets correlate to the success of an initiative, marketers can formulate more effective campaigns after deciphering the most impactful moments and messages during marketing efforts. With reports now detailing the capability of AI to identify factors in EHR data that are predictive of poor COVID-19 outcomes and mortality the volume of virtual records being confined in EHR is just one illustration of the insights gained from AI via telehealth platforms. With AI solutions like Doceree’s identity-resolution engine ESPYIAN, there’s a technology that provides marketers access to more than 150 different data points to better understand the digital behavior of physicians to more precisely reach and communicate with their target audience.

Understand the physician’s journey

A recent study revealed doctors are disappointed in pharma’s digital pandemic efforts Further, the research revealed physician engagement with remote sales meetings have risen from 11% to 47% during the pandemic. With an investment in AI, pharmaceutical brands can enhance their digital aptitudes. Pharma brands need to gain a better understanding of a physician’s journey to share messages with physicians that will resonate with them.

By incorporating AI-based learnings into a campaign, marketers can hyper-target physicians following the identification of the types of messages that a physician is most responsive to, as well as the platforms that they are most likely to engage with a brand on.

With ESPYIAN, pharma marketers become knowledgeable about the organization physicians are associated with, prescriptions that they write, treatments they conduct, their digital platform usage and messages they engage with and much more. Doceree captures those points in addition to their devices accessed, IPs being used, and MAIDs that belong to the physician in order to create a physician graph. By utilizing AI to gather a physician’s behaviors and preferences, marketers are able to more suitably develop, refine and execute campaigns. Doceree’s physician graph tracks a physician’s journey to optimize marketing plans for brands.

As a result of AI illustrating the digital footprint of physicians, hyper-targeted messages can be deployed to garner a greater impact for marketing efforts. An increased engagement rate will surely follow when the marketing tactics are devised based on AI powered analytics.

The usage of AI in the pharmaceutical space has a long way to go to reach its full potential. However, the more investment and support AI receives in the sector, the greater advancements will take place to further close the efficiency gap in physician marketing. As a way to better interact with a target audience AI is a tool that will advance marketing campaigns.

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