7 Strategies to Improve Co-Pay Program Outreach

7-Strategies to Improve Co-Pay Program Outreach

Seven Ways Life Sciences Marketers Can Improve Assistance Program Outreach and Ultimately Improve Adherence

Hubs, pharmaceutical brands, and healthcare-focused media agencies can share important information about co-pay assistance programs with HCPs and pharmacists in a variety of ways. To ensure success use this checklist when building engagement campaigns for patient affordability messaging.

  • Include assistance programs education in brand messaging strategy

    Build messaging plans to educate healthcare providers about assistance programs as part of your overall brand messaging strategy.

  • Reach HCPs beyond traditional channels

    Think beyond TV ads, digital channels, and rep visits when promoting co-pay assistance programs. Ensure you’re reaching HCPs when they’re in the room with patients through digital point of care (POC) platforms.

  • Enable HCPs to Understand Patient Costs at Prescription Time

    Empower HCPs to be self-sufficient and understand the cost a patient is taking on at the moments of prescription and dispense.

  • Simplify the discovery of patient assistance programs and drug cost savings

    Streamline the process for finding assistance programs patients qualify for by making it quick and easy to learn drug cost information and discover applicable patient assistance dollars.

  • Partner with vendors who can deliver real-time affordability messaging

    Work with vendors who can connect you to HCPs in the prescribing or dispensing moments when they’re in the room with patients.

  • Share successes to show HCP impact on patient outcomes

    Share successes with HCPs so they know that their work to inform patients and connect them with assistance programs makes a difference in healthcare outcomes.

  • Highlight patient stories

    Highlight success stories of patients who can afford once out-of-reach breakthrough treatments without breaking the bank thanks to the help of their prescriber or pharmacist.



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