Pharmaceutical Drug Marketing: Strategies and Tactics to Implement

pharmaceutical marketing


Pharmaceutical marketing is like any other kind of marketing. The only difference here is, this kind of marketing deals with medical drugs and devices only. Many organizations, both public and private, participate in pharmaceutical marketing, and they mainly target doctors, HCPs, clinicians, and consumers. The Pharma industry is also very well known for attracting legal practitioners searching for falsely made claims.

All these companies and firms rely on Pharmaceutical drug marketing strategies and tactics to grab the attention of their target audience, but since these companies do not see marketing as their priority actively, they often hire professionals to look after branding for them. The current situation of the pandemic is not allowing for this either. Therefore, the pharma industry has had to move online to engage in marketing and sales.

Doceree offers a space for these Pharma companies and HCPs to interact with one another via precision target advertising. Because it is a physician-specific platform, it allows for programmatic marketing and to run ad campaigns in real-time. Here are some Pharmaceutical marketing strategies and tactics that Pharma industry can follow:

Media presence

To attract the attention of prospective Physicians and HCPs, having good content is crucial. Good content acts as an attention grabber and ensures the engagement of the audience. Physicians today have an online presence and heavily rely on online content and media, which is why there is a high possibility that they will come across your profile and products. Doceree has taken around a million doctors through its partnerships with Physician-only platforms ever since its launch, and it uses an artificial intelligence software called Espyian for streamlined targeting and matching profiles as per requirements of both the pharmaceutical companies and doctors. It uses underlying data, analyzes it, and gives the resultant outputs depending on the online behavior of its users.

Build relationships

It is essential to initiate, develop, and maintain good relationships with HCPs and Physicians to be a successful Pharma marketer. It ensures trust build-up and further invites re-purchases and referrals with an excellent online reputation. Doceree’s programmatic marketing technique is very refreshing and distinct that way. In fact, during the pandemic, Doceree’s platform enabled many pharma companies and doctors to engage online, which was much needed for the Pharma industry. Doceree caters to this specific niche only, wherein it provides a platform exclusive to just Pharmaceutical companies and HCPs.

Use of technology

The current times are pushing for nothing but digitalisation and being more tech-savvy. Since going digital for Pharma companies is a relatively recent phenomenon, it would be wise to make fair use of technology and take as much advantage of it as possible. Besides, in a profession like healthcare, being up to date and keeping track of the latest developments and trends is crucial. Doceree’s platform allows both parties to be up to the minute by minting out information that ensures that everyone is indulging in the latest developments in the market.

Online communities

Reaching Physicians through online communities is an ideal way to engage and share information. Physicians always look for ways to connect and communicate with professionals. Doceree brings together HCPs, publishers, advertisers, and pharma companies for long term relationship building and growth. This also ensures the proper delivery of information and outputs. Doceree’s AI engine tracks doctors online and engages them in an enhanced way.

Visual aids

More than being able to read and go through information, Physicians like going through visual content. The attention span of readers these days is minimal. Everyone wants content and information which is power-packed with all the required details and yet does not eat into one’s valuable time – especially doctors and healthcare professionals who anyway have hectic schedules. Doceree’s AI engine, Espyian analyzes the online behavior of these doctors and shows them ads and content relevant to their requirements. Its programmatic ad exchange method allows for proper dissemination of to the point information.

Examining whether tactics and strategies are working or not

Pharma digital advertising has not been all that easy, especially because many pharma companies have been reluctant to shift online. Their primary process of in-person visits via sales representatives who gave drug samples is something they have heavily relied on. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have to shift online to keep the business running. Online ad campaigns become necessary to engage potential clients. Through the artificial intelligence engine, Espyian, Doceree enables these pharma companies to conduct digital ad campaigns and check results in real-time so as to be able to plan their next move. Further, these methods are faster, more efficient, and help in saving a whole lot of time that can be invested in other valuable things. Doceree’s programmatic marketing strategies make things easier.

Keeping a close watch on numbers is vital in knowing whether online strategies and tactics are working or not. A Pharmaceutical marketing plan is not easy to execute, but not impossible either. By using the right kind of technology, the process becomes much more precise and smoother. Planning and execution should always go hand in hand to get the best results.

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