Key Features of Healthcare Messaging Campaigns For Hospitals & HCPs

Healthcare Messaging


Long gone are the days when people used to actually travel physically to their physicians for every single health query. Now is the time for healthcare instant messaging. With time, technology has evolved, and it has offered a lot of perks. When it comes to the healthcare industry, where everyone thought that where digitalization would help, undoubtedly, there are a lot of advancements here. 

Thanks to the smartphones in our hands, any information can be passed seamlessly and faster than at any other point in history. 

What is healthcare messaging? 

It is a secure and digital way for healthcare professionals to exchange the patient’s protected health information (PHI). One of its prime benefits is that it enables providers and patients to communicate instantly with one another. Especially after the pandemic, this trend has witnessed an upsurge.

What are the key features of healthcare messaging Campaigns For Hospitals & HCPs? 

HCPs can easily hand over information by phone to reduce the chance of errors in management and save a lot of time. So, basically, this time can be spent treating patients themselves.

  • Affordable

This type of messaging is an inexpensive and affordable option. Therefore, instead of facilitating the patients at the healthcare facility or vice-versa, messaging comes as an affordable and budget-friendly option. 

  • Improves patient and staff satisfaction

The patients, as well as the overall staff, benefits from real-time communication. Receiving timely replies from both ends enhances trust and builds long-term relationships, further improving satisfaction. 

  • Appointment schedule and reminders

Instant messaging helps a patient or the HCP schedule virtual or in-person appointments and receive reminders regarding the same. This helps improve the relationship on both sides for scheduling a faster and more convenient future visit.  

  • Multimedia sharing 

When it comes to messaging, there is also an ability to send or receive photos and videos as a part of a virtual appointment or checkup. When it comes to HCPs, it allows them to evaluate patients without needing to meet with them in a physical space. This saves a lot of time, money as well as energy. 

  • Video calls

Video calling helps improve communication between patients and healthcare providers. There are numerous advantages of offering video calling to your patients. A feature of healthcare messaging, it allows hospitals, nurses, and other care professionals to reach patients who otherwise wouldn’t be willing or able to make trips. This is especially true for patients living in areas far from hospitals and clinics.

It is a well-known fact that instant messaging improves patient and hcp communication or vice-versa. This has been linked to positive health outcomes such as lower hospital readmission rates, better compliance with medical regimens, improved physical and emotional health outcomes. 

As per a research, this has improved the patient experience by providing better health information access, improving patient-provider communication, providing transparency around health charges, and reducing adverse health outcomes. 

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