Text-Based Programmatic Ads in Rx Drug Marketing


Pharmaceutical companies face many extended time gaps in implementing their digital ad campaigns because they have to go through several layers of approvals before getting the final thumbs up. The Pharma industry is a regulated space, and having shifted to the digital medium, there are many hurdles that these companies have to face prior to successfully implementing their healthcare marketing strategies.

The global network of physician-only platforms, Doceree, launched text-based programmatic ads to help with this matter. With the vision of making Rx drug marketing more efficient and effective, Doceree primary aim of launching this product was to slice through the uncountable approvals, create an environment that supports digitalised healthcare adcampaigns and speed up the implementation process. Compared to the other industries, the pharma industry has been rather behind in terms of making gains by going digital, and Doceree wants to help these Rx drug brands adopt digitalisation globally.

Visual content increases approval time

The approvals that are required take a considerable amount of time to come through, which is what delays the digital ad campaign process. To add to the already-present levels of approvals, if there is visual content in the advertisements, it takes even longer. This is because factors like logo placement, colour coding and scheming, fonts, headers, etc, are all put under heavy scrutiny and reworked on time and again, until a regulatory-compliant ad is achieved. Further, there are specific branding guidelines that pharma companies have to adhere to so as to get the approval.

How Text-based ads help

To speed up the process of getting approvals and running digital ad campaigns in a much faster manner, text-based programmatic ads offer a very practical solution. They do away with the visual aspect of the campaigns and improve the time scale of the implementation process. Ultimately, it helps in facilitating easier optimisations which lead to efficient and effective digital ad campaigns.

Physicians and non-visual info

It is not true that only display ads are sufficient to engage Physicians. In fact, they consume non-visual and scientific information equally well, which is what Doceree took into consideration before launching the text-based programmatic ads feature.

Before coming up with text-based programmatic ads, Doceree had launched programmatic display ads, and it also provided an AI-enabled live dashboard to the pharmaceutical companies who could track their ad campaigns and get genuine results. The dashboard solved the transparency hurdle that pharmaceutical companies face on a regular basis. By monitoring their campaigns in real-time, through a very transparent process, they could make necessary tweaks and changes mid-way to achieve better results.

Apart from delivering on their mission of making Rx drug marketing more efficient and effective, Docereealso ensures a regulatory compliant space for pharmaceutical brands. Being able to run digital ad campaigns without the headache of regulations allows Pharma companies to focus properly on their work. With these kinds of evolutions, pharma companies can now target physicians with unrivalled accuracy and get more meaningful results from their digital campaigns.

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