Why are Pharma Brands Moving Towards Point of Care Advertising?

Point of Care Advertising Pharma


Point of Care advertising is a healthcare marketing strategy that was traditionally applied to waiting rooms, examination rooms, doctor’s offices, pharma shops, and so on. The concept of point of care advertising is not alien to people in the Pharmaceutical or medical industry, but of late, it has started pacing up more than before. This is because digital marketing has been picking up the much-needed momentum and is everybody’s best bet today due to the ongoing pandemic. There has been a noticeable spike in ad fundings as well.

POC advertising is very educative and acts as a key driver for conversations between Physicians and pharma marketers. The pharma industry has been playing a pivotal role in facilitating the progress of POC advertising on telehealth platforms. This helps them with precision targeting and proper delivery of messages via technology to the targeted audience. Here are a few more reasons why pharma brands are leaning more towards POC advertising:

Influencing Power

POC advertising plays a critical role in influencing people’s opinions. When compelling enough, people switch brands, or ask for samples to be provided, or even raise requests for specific drugs. These ads are very informative, and they push people’s minds to use branded medications in comparison to generic ones. Doceree’s Physician-only platform enables the pharma industry to engage with Physicians on a one-on-one basis with impactful ad placements that suit their needs. It allows for real-time tracking and programmatic marketing that further helps in the process.

Competition is already high

Many pharma companies have already made the necessary shift for proper targeting and advertising. To be in the game and get their brands across for sales to happen, other brands are joining in as well. It is a well-known fact that marketing, sales, and advertising in the pharma industry are not an easy task. Until recently, sales representatives would visit medical professionals in person, but today, such processes have shifted online. Many Pharma companies and Physicians have joined Doceree’s online platform to have a seamless interaction regarding these affairs.

One step ahead

Traditionally, point of care advertising has been very effective on patients. But pharma companies have been trying to be one step ahead and extending this to the Physicians. Doctors are always on the move owing to their jobs, but they are also always on the lookout for good educational content and opportunities. They are on some electronic device or the other to keep up with their daily tasks, and so, pharma brands should have both the content and the message ready, that hits the bullseye in one go. Giving information through medical journals or advertising on medical journals, both online and offline, are good approaches too. Doceree supports the latter. It also offers a plethora of information for physicians to view and digest. Put simply, Doceree makes the best use of technology for the proper dissemination of ads and information.

Visual Content

Since most pharma companies have already started making use of digital marketing platforms, it is important to keep a note of what is getting their competitors ahead. Keeping these factors in mind helps gain a competitive edge over other players in the market. Visual content is a game-changer in these situations. Physicians like to see how the drug or medical device in question can help their patients. A visual representation also ensures proper communication and acts as an attraction factor to take things forward. Doceree’s platform makes sure that all these processes take place smoothly. Its programmatic marketing solutions provide the much-needed traction that Pharma brands require. Besides, its AI-enabled technology Espyian enhances the user experience via real-time optimization, and tracking becomes much more comfortable.

Growing popularity of EHR

Advertising on EHR has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of months. They are platforms that show the best digital ad banners and messages to Physicians. They are a great way of improving brand perception because this method of advertising tries to send out information that is more Physician-centric, rather than being too promotional.

Evolution and adaptation are crucial to survival. Advertising in the pharma industry is getting a facelift and moving on towards more futuristic methods with the aid of technology. The use of pamphlets and TV ads viewership is reducing and is assumed to drop further in the coming years since people are switching to new streaming spaces on a regular basis. Similarly, digital marketing and point of care methods will invest accordingly for better sales, profit margins, and outreach. The content will be customised accordingly, as well. The upcoming future will definitely see a lot of content-specific POC advertising, and this is one of the factors that will help pharma companies achieve their goals.

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